S” Gemmological Institute (SGI) Gem Lab provides identification and grading reports for a diverse range of valuables and therefore these reports/receipts are subject to the following limitations on the liability of SGI Co. Ltd. All of the limitations apply to the client and to all other parties to whom the report/receipt may be distributed shown or transferred. Each report mirrors the finding and independent opinion of professional gemmologists supported by approved analytical methods and instrumentation of high standards of SGI Gem Lab. All gemstone reports will be printed on original security paper and will carry official signatures. The laminated reports contain visible, invisible and hidden security characteristics for authentication. Any corrections or alterations on the gemological report shall not be accepted. Trademark such as name, logo, signatures or service marks of SGI Gem Lab may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written authorization of SGI Co. Ltd. The detections described in the gemstone report reflect the state of the gemstone at the time of examination. The gemstone report contains the identification of gemstones by photographic images, descriptions of object, dimensions, cutting, shape, colour and weight. It states an opinion on their authenticity, treatment, and geographic origin if determinable. SGI Gem Lab report does not constitute a guarantee for an appraisal of the object or gemstone described therein. Determination of the authenticity and country of origin of a gemstone is based on analysis of its chemical and physical properties, its internal and or external characteristics such as presence and or absence of inclusion and growth features using standard gemological instruments and modern analytical instruments including spectrometers, x-ray fluorescence and lasers. The conclusion on the country of origin, authenticity and any kind of enhancement of a gemstone is an opinion of SGI Gem Lab based on correlation analysis with those obtained from the past and present analysis of reference materials, as well as those in historic published gemological literature and research. SGI professional team continuously updates this knowledge to a reasonable extent. Any conclusion on gemstone reports represents an opinion based on the theoretical and practical experience of the Laboratory. Also, SGI laboratory may refuse the issuance of a gemstone report at any time. Unless expressly agreed upon or otherwise, the client agrees to not hold SGI Co. Ltd. liable for the loss or damage of gemstones resulting from risks that may occur during the transportation and delivery processes, including robbery and theft, during the examination process, including colour and clarity alteration or other alteration of the object or gemstone material including removal or fissure fillings on or within the timeframe and thereafter the gemstone is in possession of SGI Co. Ltd., including theft negligence and natural acts of God. Unless expressly agreed or otherwise, SGI Gem Lab shall not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from incomplete or erroneous data on the report such as errors in dimensions, weight, measurement, typing errors, errors in the determination of the authenticity, country of origin and errors in the declaration of treatments. Gem Lab of SGI Co. Ltd. and its employees and agents shall not be held personally liable for any such loss of, misdelivery of, or damage to that item, even if this limited remedy fails in its essential purpose.

Origin: Inference as to country of origin is based on contrasting with the spectroscopic properties, internal characteristics and chemical properties, reference stones of known origin, research of SGI and gemological knowledge up to date. Specifications of geographic origin are a statement of opinion based on standard and scientific inspection. Demonstration of origin supported by SGI Gem Lab is not a warranty as to the quality or value of the gemstones.

Colour Grading: Our colour type and colour trade name found its base in Color Codex system with the help of natural gemstone colour master set. Light, cutting, clarity, saturation, tone and chemical composition play a determinant role in our grading system.

Treatment: Coloured gemstones have been enhanced to improve their appearance. Enhancement is a term used in the trade to describe any process added to cutting and polishing that improves the appearance of the durability of gemstones. Currently, a variety of traditional and advanced enhancement (treatments) are routinely applied to many natural gemstones.